Free Book: Girls Gone Groupie


In an effort to attract new readers I recently set up a giveaway on Instafreebie for the first book in my Girls of Glam Rock Series, Girls Gone Groupie.


Here’s a fun excerpt:

“Do you think I look better than Mama?” I ask, fascinated that anyone could think that.  Mama has such a bloated ego that even I believe her self-promotion.

H.C. is about to answer but we suddenly freeze up when four gangly boys round the corner and come staggering down the hall making a hell of a lot of noise.  They’re dressed in tight denim with some neon-colored accents added.  Their hair looks almost as good as ours. In fact, they probably spend more time in front of the mirror than we do.  Their hairdos reach for the ceiling.  The four of them are in a band called Hall Pass and they’ve never paid me a lick of attention.  Now is no exception.  They act like we aren’t even in the hall.  Or, let me clarify.  They act like I’m not even in the hall.  One of them feasts his eyes on the twin peaks sticking out of H.C.’s camisole, but doesn’t meet her eyes.  He whacks one of the other guys on the shoulder, who turns his head to look.  H.C. is facing the wrong direction for him to see anything.  Other than this, we’re invisible, even though our eyes follow them toward the cafeteria.

“You said you wanted to be better than your mama,” H.C. suddenly reminds me.

“Fat chance of that when I can’t even get Hall Pass to look at me,” I moan.

“Maybe we aren’t the kind of girls they like quite yet.  We can change that.”  Her words have an air of conspiracy to them.

Read the whole book by clicking the link below.

Read the rest of the Girls of Glam Rock Series by visiting my BOOKS page.


Author: barblee

Barb Lee is a native of Western Massachusetts who loves to write, travel and hike the world, and hang out with her beautiful Jersey Wooly bunny Muffin. Her whole life changed when she was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in October of 2019. By January of 2020, she was bouncing back in a major way. Now, in addition to all her favorite activities, she wants to help others make the most of life following a devastating diagnosis, while she continues to beat the odds.

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