Women Like Us, Book Two: Tangled Webs

Yeah, I love writing about rock and roll groupies and rock stars, but I also love devoting some time to penning stories about women that are a little more like you and me. Ten years ago I discovered that those “true” magazines our moms used to read were still in existence, and started writing for them. After 30+ publications, a couple of my writing friends convinced me to put similar stories in book form. My “Women Like Us” series was born! Book Two, titled “Tangled Webs,” is coming soon. Here’s a preview:

The Other Side of Alcoholism

I may not be an alcoholic.  But I’ve spent my life surrounded by alcoholics.  I have three older siblings, all sisters, all of them successful women, all of them dependent on alcohol.  They would have plenty of stories to tell if they had the necessary strength and honesty to speak of their issues. I have my own to tell, that of the other victims of alcohol abuse—the people who try to help the addicted.  The people who stand by, oftentimes helplessly, and watch their loved ones destroy themselves.  Hope burns eternal, even if we eventually have to acknowledge that we can’t help those that don’t want to help themselves.

The other thing about alcohol’s hidden victims is that we seem to attract more people with problems into our lives.  It’s like the addicted can see we’re sympathetic and knowledgeable to their needs, so they attach themselves to us, and a lot of times we don’t even know what’s going on.  That’s exactly what happened when I met Shawn.

We met at our fifteen year high school class reunion.  Or I should say, we re-met.

Read the rest in Tangled Webs, coming in April

Book One, Transformations, is available on my BOOKS page.

Author: barblee

Barb Lee is a native of Western Massachusetts who loves to write, travel and hike the world, and hang out with her beautiful Jersey Wooly bunny Muffin. Her whole life changed when she was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer in October of 2019. By January of 2020, she was bouncing back in a major way. Now, in addition to all her favorite activities, she wants to help others make the most of life following a devastating diagnosis, while she continues to beat the odds.

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