Daring Tales of a Determined Woman: First Major Book Review

Live Vicariously Through Me Kindle Cover

I love blogging about traveling, hiking, and my life philosophies. But once in a while I have to share book news, and today is the day!

I’ve written previously that the third book in my Girls of Glam Rock Series, Live Vicariously Through Me, is my favorite story with my favorite characters. A pleasure to write, and dreaming up the plot was so satisfying. That’s why I chose it for promotion when I started working with the ladies over at Chick Lit Cafe, who recently wrote my first major book review. It’s also one of the featured books on their site. Here’s the back cover synopsis:

Before there was sexy rock chick Em’rald there was homeless waif Emily Jane Darlington. Before there was devilishly handsome and brooding heavy metal guitar shredder Nikk Saffire there was battered kid Niko Saffros. And before there was glam hair metal quartet the New York Gems, Cartier rings, and mega stardom there was loss, rejection, and the wild fantasies of two unwanted children.

Emily and Niko meet in a Bronx women’s shelter when they’re four and five years old. Sustained by the strength of their determined mothers, they endure growing up in a stolen car, murder, and drug addiction. Along their long, dark road Emily and Niko secure the skills that will eventually take them to the top of the rock and roll heap. When Emily is discovered in Central Park by a rich photographer who becomes their benefactor, the world as they know it is changed forever. But the heavy metal highway isn’t paved in gold, and even their longstanding love isn’t guaranteed in the decadent world of 80s rock.

I’ve waited a long time and worked countless hours to become a published writer. This is a tough business, and I’m only just starting out. My partnering with Chick Lit Cafe is a pretty big step toward the success I hope for. Here’s the review:

This rags to riches story truly portrayed the life of a young girl’s struggle and the story of a life behind the scenes before becoming a hip 80s rock star. At times I felt a sadness for Stone’s main character, Emily Darlington, which really connected me with the heroine of this book. In and out of homeless shelters with little to eat and only the clothes on Emily and her mother’s backs, this is a tried and true tale of rising from the ashes and becoming something amazing. Jam packed with danger and drama Live Vicariously Through Me kept me captivated until the very satisfying end.

The fantasy and appeal of drugs, sex and rock n roll fuel Emily and Niko throughout their journey of hardships and catastrophe. A bond is formed between them, and the question if that bond is strong enough to withstand their destitution, constantly hangs over their heads. I really enjoyed this book. It was well written with cool characters and a sexy vibe. Live Vicariously Through Me was enjoyable and entertaining, a great story that really made me want to read the rest of the Glam series!

Brenda K. Stone has a unique way with words that draws the reader in and won’t let go. Her exceptional descriptive writing gave me a keen sense of being on the scene and watching the story unfold. The characters are great and relatable. They are fully developed with personalities that have strengths as well as flaws, making them very real to me.

Live Vicariously Through Me is engaging and fascinating. This is one book that I could definitely read again. Chick Lit Café highly recommends this captivating book to all readers that seek a worthy escape in a book.

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Cafe

Interested? Please visit my Books page to purchase on Amazon or Smashwords. Live Vicariously Through Me and all my books are available on most digital platforms, and in print.

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