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If books are babies, and to me they are, this one is my favorite child. The apple of my eye. The one I spoil. The one I think about all the time. The easiest birth of all. A pure pleasure to write. Writer’s block? Nope! 470 pages of sheer joy. And I wrote it while I was writing another book and working my full time teacher’s job.

Live Vicariously Through Me Kindle Cover




Charlotte, NC

Last summer I spent a bit of time in Charlotte, North Carolina, and liked it enough to want to return. Since an unnamed airline was begging me to use my frequent flyer miles I decided to book a freebie and look around a little more.

First off, this place was COLD! The temperatures plunged into the 20s and 30s, and it was breezy. Something about it was different than New England cold. A very nice airport shuttle driver suggested that it could be because the usual humidity was mixing with a Canadian cold front. I found it more unbearable than the cold at home. Because of this unexpected weather glitch I changed my original plans to walk at least ten miles a day. I still did over twenty miles, but had some breaks to enter warm places!

I didn’t expect to go to the Billy Graham Library, but I went, and it was beautiful and interesting:

Charlotte 1

Yes, I had to go through the motions of being urged to “join the crusade,” but I didn’t find the employees pushy, and the films shown of Billy Graham’s life were very engaging. Several rooms dedicated to his story followed. I also visited his childhood home, which was moved there from another location. Billy, by the way, is 99 years old now. The library is free to visitors, and is the number one tourist attraction in Charlotte.

Downtown is a great area, new and sparkly, and a nice place to walk around:

Charlotte 2

Downtown reminded me a lot of Boston. I went twice, walking once, which I wouldn’t suggest, because the outskirts of Charlotte aren’t really very pleasant, (at least not the ones I walked through!) and sidewalks can be hard to come by. The Lynx Blue Line train was a much better choice, and cheaper than a taxi. It was under $5 for a round trip ticket.

My second day in downtown I visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame, another thing I didn’t expect to do! Here’s me in Jimmie Johnson’s car:

Charlotte 3

Well, not really his car! It was actually only half a car, for photo purposes! The cost to get into the Hall is $25. I’m not a race fan, but I like learning new things, and there’s a lot to learn here about the history of NASCAR, the cars, and the drivers. For instance, did you know the earliest drivers were actually moonshine runners?

At night I read through the book I plan to publish in April, and to outline the book I’m writing now! A fun and productive weekend all around.

Shine On, You Crazy Saffire!

The other day I reported that I’m back in the writing cave. It’s comfy and warm! The name of the fourth book in my Girls of Glam Rock Series, “Shine On, You Crazy Saffire,” currently has about twenty-five pages and is growing quickly! The first book, “Girls Gone Groupie,” is narrated by four different women. The second book, “Gunning for Groupie Gold,” is written in the point of view of Dandelion Dagger, second generation groupie in love with blond rock god Sammy Gunn. Book three, “Live Vicariously Through Me,” releasing soon, is female heavy metal queen Em’rald’s rags to riches tale. “Shine On, You Crazy Saffire,” is Highway Child’s story:

It’s been an interesting fall and winter living in a real house for the first time in my life, instead of on a street corner, some hotel room, or someone else’s home where I’m not really wanted. Even though I don’t love this guy Mark Winn I’ve been cohabitating with, I at least feel like I belong where I am, and yeah, I feel love. I guess I would have thought with all the rock star drummer money he has, and that he doesn’t mind lavishing on me, that my life would be a little easier. But the greenbacks have only made things worse. Because I love someone else. There’s not enough money in the world to change my mind, and Mark doesn’t even know. Doesn’t even have an inkling. I may not like to lie, but I’m pretty good at it.

Because I have a full-time teaching career, and because I don’t write short books, I’ll probably be writing this one until June, for an Autumn 2018 release. Until then, please visit my BOOKS page to check out the rest of my writing!


Why Did I Come Home?

Christmas isn’t my thing. Neither is winter. I know how to escape the former pretty well, but I’m writing right now as the latter punishes New England with a snow storm that includes high winds and sub-zero temperatures. No wonder I didn’t want to come home from the south of Portugal!

Portugal 1

I stayed in Albufeira, central to the coast of Portugal, which is also known as the Algarve. Albufeira was an excellent choice for what I was there for: walking and hiking. Miles and miles of beaches were within minutes of my apartment/hotel, with hiking trails over and through grottoes, sea caves, and sea arches. December was a really nice time to go, too. The weather was in the 60s, warmer when the sun started blazing, and the area was low key and relaxing.

Portugal 2

I’ve been a lot of places. Some favorites are New Zealand, Southern Utah, and South Africa. The Algarve definitely made the top ten list, maybe even the top five! It was like Southern Utah with an ocean! That’s the way I described it to one of my hiking friends.

Portugal 3

The number one place I wanted to see, and the number one tourist attraction in the area, was Ponta da Piedade, in Lagos, further west by 25 miles.The local bus service was very good, and I spent the day in Lagos. Ponta da Piedade was a walk of about an hour from the bus station, and a rather strange one at that. I really didn’t think such splendor would be at the end of such an odd walk through residential areas of varying financial classes, but I was pleasantly surprised! Not for the heights haters, taking a tumble off of one of these grottoes spells certain death! From up high, the Atlantic Ocean probably doesn’t get much prettier. Boat rides are also available for a totally different perspective.

Any questions about why I didn’t want to come home?